to enlighten their minds, enhance their knowledge and enrich their experiences. As educators, we are excited, each day, as our students astound us with their talents, contributions and accomplishments. Their capacity for learning and their desire to make sense of the world around them are our main priority.

Life at HOE will provide a landscape and “family” from which your child can fall in love with learning and establish friendships that sustain them for a lifetime. This combination of excellence and goodness creates a palpable yearning in our students, not for mere success, but rather to stretch for significance and impact on behalf of others. It is beautiful and humbling to see.

What truly sets HOE apart is our focus on character and values to help our young people develop exceptional capabilities and a strong moral compass. In addition, our identity is deepened by ascribing to specific values: integrity, discernment, respect and engagement that are lived by staff and nurtured in students every day.


is based on three major pillars: all-round development, academic ambition and an international perspective. We want our students to benefit from an all-round development as individuals, and we facilitate their acquisition of skills for life, such as self-confidence, team spirit, and creativity. As a professional learning community, we follow a holistic approach to education; thus, we educate the whole person academically, artistically, physically, and socially.


We will go out of our way to find and nurture each student’s unique abilities. In conclusion, we work together to shape 21 st century leaders who have the courage to take intellectual risks as they work effectively with others.

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is further reinforced by teaching the curricula of UK through the framework established by our programs which enables students to thrive and thoroughly prepares them for success at university and beyond.

It is this layering of language, personal interaction, experiential journeys and varied academic programs that gives HOE students an international outlook and inspires in them a purposeful will to contribute to the progress of humanity.

These are the ideals and beliefs that permeate our community as we walk together in the same direction and share the conviction that we provide the best possible education for our children