In F1 learning will be introduced through a mixture of well-planned play and adult-led activities that are specifically presented to allow the child to experiment and try out new ideas without fear or failure.

Our aim is to build self-confidence, guide our pupils to reach their full potential, and nurture a love of learning. It is very important to us that your child comes to school feeling happy, secure and eager to explore and learn. Our curriculum is based on; rigorous teaching of phonics through sounds and letters programme, Honing fine motor skills through correct letter formation, Enhancing reading skill through blending and simple word building and reinforcing Mathematical abilities through Numbers, Measures, Shape and Space.

In F1 children will be introduced to Arabic Phonics which offers a synthetic approach to teaching the sounds of the Arabic language. In a comprehensive literacy scheme that engages children with all the sounds of the Arabic alphabet through structured progression and character lead stories.